Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is open to the entire McDonough County community. Utilizing curriculum and supplies that are appropriate for all ages, the LRC provides

  • teacher & student books
  • hands-on manipulatives
  • STEM equipment
  • all ages of literary material

All of these items can be loaned out - even for use through-out an entire school year.


The greatest resource offered is one of friendship and collaboration with other families. Many local homeschooling families enjoy the teaching and fellowship opportunities that the LRC provides each month. Everything from an open time of fun and play to a focused, age appropriate book club are available to those interested.

How can I get involved?

While populated primarily by homeschoolers, the LRC is open to anyone wanting to use the materials available. For more information about the monthly event schedule or an appointment to go through the LRC, call the church office at 309-833-2949.